Tuesday, November 8, 2011

More Figure Drawing

     Since I have an abundance of life drawing work this semester, I figured to show you more.  As I become more efficient in the medium, an increase in quality becomes present.  I hope you enjoy these works.

     Just to further stress how having an area specifically set up for the use of pastel is important...  So I've been working in a cramped area.  I just stretched a sheet of watercolor paper and finished most of the drawing portion.  I set it aside to work on my pastel homework.  I was using an open window to blow out the dust from the pastel but when I took a break, I placed the drawing on my desk.  During my break, the wind direction changed to flow into the window blowing pastel dust onto my watercolor paper! 

     Speaking of watercolor, I have a few process drawing I wanted to share.  It's of a giraffe but I think some might find it highly interesting.  Perhaps I'll save it for the next post...

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