Friday, August 3, 2012

Forks and Spoons

It would be great if I could find a way to get my mobile device to work properly with this site.  Most of my down time is away from the computer and when I'm between places.  These moments I wish I could spend blogging but instead, I'm experiencing a log jam.

The past two months have been a very interesting time.  I'm questioning whether I should continue my masters at this time or perhaps pursue another bachelors in a different but related field.  I'm considering zoology.  It would put me in the field with the creatures I paint and encompass areas I already make time for, mainly, research.  I could collect my data, take pictures, and enjoy much time outdoors while being paid.  All these things I do anyway minus the getting paid part (except for finished paintings).  On top of that, I'm considering taking several scientific illustration courses although I'm not too sold on the idea yet.

Regardless which route I take, I'll still be illustrating so swallow this....
Just one of the paintings from this past two months.  This one is a header for the children's author Artie Knapp and his website  It's painted in Adobe Photoshop.

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