Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Printing and Painting

I've been doing a lot of research on printing.  I don't have the greatest of funds to get the highest quality prints available, so I am searching for more affordable solutions that will produce archival prints.  Paper wise, there is no getting around paying for quality.  I've settled on Arches 90 lb cold pressed paper.  It's archival and acid free.  Although it has a tendency to print with a green favor, a simple adjustment on the color balance prior to printing will alleviate headaches.  In case you are wondering, change the color balance slightly to the magenta side as opposed to green. Do this for the mid tones only.  For now I've been test printing on my lowly Kodak ESP 5250.  I've been able to produce some pretty accurate prints from this model but nothing I want to sell. This printer serves its purpose for school, but for making art prints an upgrade is needed.  I'm looking into epson artisan and stylus printers.  These printers offer archival ink and a greater range of color(average 6 color cartridges).  I also can install a colors continuous ink flow system to these printers.  No more losing yellow in my prints midway through.

I came upon a realization when I was researching.  I don't think I have a lot of artwork that someone would want a print of.  So I decided to paint what I thought would make for attractive prints.  Here are a few new paintings...