Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So here are a few work in progress pictures of the giraffe I mentioned in an earlier post.  On Arches 140 lb cold pressed watercolor paper, the giraffe is cut away to show different layers of its structure.  Much like the recent Bodyworlds exhibits, the painting shows areas of skeletal structure and muscle.  Yet to be finished but far more complete than what I have shown here, the complete painting will be available soon.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

More Figure Drawing

     Since I have an abundance of life drawing work this semester, I figured to show you more.  As I become more efficient in the medium, an increase in quality becomes present.  I hope you enjoy these works.

     Just to further stress how having an area specifically set up for the use of pastel is important...  So I've been working in a cramped area.  I just stretched a sheet of watercolor paper and finished most of the drawing portion.  I set it aside to work on my pastel homework.  I was using an open window to blow out the dust from the pastel but when I took a break, I placed the drawing on my desk.  During my break, the wind direction changed to flow into the window blowing pastel dust onto my watercolor paper! 

     Speaking of watercolor, I have a few process drawing I wanted to share.  It's of a giraffe but I think some might find it highly interesting.  Perhaps I'll save it for the next post...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Well it definitely has been a while since I last posted.  In all honesty, my schedule has been very hectic lately.  Regardless, I plan to keep up this blog on a regular basis going forward and I have plenty of material to post. 

Since I last posted, I started going back to school.  I'm studying 2D animation via Internet at the Academy of Art University based in San Francisco.  A collection of sketches and roughs has built up already and I would like to show everyone them in addition to my regular work. 

These are two drawings I did early on in my life drawing class using Nu-pastel and toned paper.   I enjoy the things one can do with pastel but why does it have to be so messy?  Well it is not as messy as certain other mediums but it provides a nice dusting of color to everything in a ten foot range.  I would recommend having a well ventilated area before using them.  Also, keep it away from your computer area unless you happen to enjoy buying canned air on a regular basis.