Saturday, February 2, 2013

Forest Magicians

Well, I've managed to knock out one of the 9 billion projects I'm working on.  Present is an Eastern Chipmunk. This little guy has four digits on its front and five on the back. At times when it isn't storing and transferring food, it has been seen with a mouth full of dirt. Mmm, dirt.  The chipmunk nests underground and in order to disguise its entrance, the chipmunk carries the excess dirt away.
What I've learned during my time painting this wooded creature is that the Chipmunk is a very deceptive being.  From the number of digits not matching to seemingly performing magic tricks by making a mound of food disappear in its mouth and to putting the "welcome mat" of his home elsewhere, I find I can never trust a Chipmunk again.  Neither should you.