Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Works in Progress and Sales

 I last wrote about the wash from the other day.  In case you didn't know, I laid a wash down and it was absolutely horrid.  I spent several hours on it before work for a couple days but it could not be saved.  I ended up pitching it.  Embarrassment has kept me from posting a picture of it.  I started two paintings today and had another one lying around as a work in progress.  When I wasn't playing Spider-Man with my son,  I was working these three paintings.  They are all based from things I saw this past summer. 

All three serve a teaching purpose. The American Robin is part of several paintings I've planned that comment on nature and it's assimilation into human development.  This particular piece was designed to work on producing mechanical objects.  The primary purpose of the Day Lily is to increase proficiency in washes and fading backgrounds.  The Snapping Turtle I plan to play with light and it's relationship with darkness.  These paintings should be done fairly soon and ready for photographing.

On a side note, I listed several reproductions on sale through ebay.  I wanted to see how things would go before I told anyone I know they were up.  So far I've had maybe 6 views total amongst the several "prints".  I'm working on a more attractive template to use for my listings in the future but feel free to check them out anyway.  Just search my name.  The views would definitely calm the anxiety!

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