Monday, August 20, 2012

Sweet Relish

A trip to Antigua, some painting updates both in progress and finished, that is what we learn today.....Hurray for learning!  Anyway, I attended a wedding for my very close pal(heh heh heh) and Marine Corps family member in Antigua.  A very cool and interesting island it is, armed with adventure at every turn and some beautiful beaches and birds.  Adventure might be an understatement of what went down the first two days on the island but I'll leave it at that.  I'll let you amateur gumshoes dig that one up.

The wedding was beach side on the northwest side of the island which had a nice little collection of birds.  Of those were; brown pelican, laughing gull, lesser antillean bullfinch, black faced grassquit, bananaquit, white crowned dove, zenaida dove, common ground dove, green throated carib, magnificent frigate bird(and it is), gray kingbird, carib grackle, and more.  To be honest, my research of the birds on that island was secondary to why I was there and was in short pathetic.  I have a lot of work to do but the few I did see will prove very important for upcoming projects.

By the way, airport food is a disgrace.  I ordered a veggie wrap that took quite a while to make and turned out to be consisted of only lettuce, cucumber, and sweet relish(I hate sweet relish).  Cheese was additional.  I'm sorry you had to read that last part but let ye be warned.  Travel on a full stomach.

As I said before I am very behind in posting images of artworks in progress and finished...

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